On last November 14, 2012, we made a 25 minutes showcase in the CINARS event in Montreal. This has allowed many international shows broadcasters to discover the power and uniqueness of L'Orkestre des Pas Perdus.

We have also been selected to participate at "Canadian Blast showcase series" organized by CIMA under Jazzahead event in Bremen, Germany on April 27. So we expect few concerts in Europe this spring!

In addition, we were selected by the Arts Council of Montreal for the Maisons de la Culture de Montreal tour for the 2013-2014 season. Following a short private showcase for broadcasters, OPP has, once again, seduce his audience. This results in a dozen requests for concerts, both outside and outside.

Please refer to ''Concerts'' page for confirmation of dates and places.

And of course, L'âge du Cuivre still in store and online now.


 Jazzahead, Bremen, Germany, Saturday April 27@ 11:00, Club Moment

•Montreal, 14 different venues t.b.a., 2013 -2014

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1.  Suspense en suspend
2.  Maux croisés | 3:27
3.  Morceaux de robots
4.  Douze huîtres
5.  Carpe diem
6.  Boogaloo bungalow
7.  Bizarre bazar
8.  À vos risques et périls
9.  Fidèle castor
10.  À bras raccourcis
11.  Papapaw! | 3:30
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